Easier than parallel parking.

SpotShare solves the most frustrating building problem: limited guest parking.

Guest Parking... Created

Do you have limited (or zero) guest parking? Are you even managing your guest parking manually? SpotShare is the solution for you!

An easy-to-use online service with no software to install, SpotShare can create and manage more spots than would be possible any other way, all with no effort on your part!

SpotShare unlocks the "parking potential" of all your spots. Every resident can sign up and participate, instantly increasing available parking for guests. It sounds like magic, but really it's technology at work.

Set it and forget it. Really.

We know you're busy. After a quick and easy set up, SpotShare does all the work. You don't even have to monitor it.

Our system manages the donation and reservation of unused resident parking spots. We handle the notifications, validate user identities, and resolve any conflicts that come up.

Most of the process is handled automatically by our intelligent programming that knows what's available, when it's available, and who is asking for it.

We charge a small fee to the condo association (or building owner). Contact us for quick details.


Hey, Residents!

Share your parking spaces and use SpotShare to provide your guests free, safe and convenient indoor parking when they need it. Did we mention it's free for you? (We do charge a fee to the condo association.)

SpotShare intelligently matches requests and donations so that multiple requests are frequently satisfied by one donation. All of this is done in real time.

SpotShare is designed to make it easy to donate and use spaces. There is a "Weekly Donation" option for people who have a regular schedule, and would like to donate their spot every week. There are many other features available to make SpotShare work the best for your needs.

Request a Spot

Need a spot? Simply sign in and request one.

SpotShare will immediately let you know if your spot is available, and if not, it'll help you find one that is.

Donate a Spot

Have a spot you're not using, or planning to go on vacation soon?

The more you donate, the higher priority your requests are given, and the further in advance you can request spots.