A place to park your smile.

SpotShare turns unused resident parking into free guest parking!

Happy residents can provide their guests with safe, convenient and free parking.

Happy building managers have efficiently solved the guest parking challenge faced by almost every building.

SpotShare is an extremely easy and affordable way to help our residents with guest parking, which is a big challenge for them in our area where parking is tight and expensive.”
SpotShare is a convenience that I can't live without. It has removed the headache of trying to find parking for my guests in crowded urban area – and it's free!”
Tim Dyer
The Mark, East Village, San Diego
Uses SpotShare once a week for guests and donates his spot every time he travels
Laurie Kendrick-Coxworth
General Manager, ICON (327 units)
San Diego, CA
If you are a property manager or a Board Member like me, you will appreciate the fact that with a third party guest management solution — SpotShare — you minimize liability, there are no politics involved and it costs your residents virtually pennies to have convenient guest parking in crowded urban areas. It's fantastic! ”
I love SpotShare. There are so many unused spots at our condo complex and there is zero parking in our area, so it's great to know I can easily find my guests a free and safe parking spot when I need one.”
Donates Spots and Uses Spots frequently
Susan Watts
Association Board Member, Atlanta Area
Thank you!! Just wanted to thank you for this valuable service. We use it often & it certainly makes our life easier!!! Many thanks.”
This will help me get some spots that are needed. My guests have been towed twice. $500! is no bueno.”
Arjun D.
Newly registered
Sandy H.
Craig, at the Parking Task Force meeting yesterday, we had a lot of discussion about SpotShare. All agreed it is great system... I think you have a winner.”
Thanks for your assistance with this. We were able to use a time this weekend and it was so reassuring. Thanks for doing such a great job Craig!”
Tom N.
Committee Chairman
Jocelyn P.
Your system is a very valuable service to homeowners, and I appreciate all you're doing! Again, thank you!”
Thanks so much Craig... can't wait to start having company again!”
Brad B.
After signing up for SpotShare, since he lost the use of some guest parking spots.
Sharon P.