Jobs at SpotShare

Sales Contractor

Part time, commissioned sales position as a contractor. This flexible position would involve phone calls, email, some direct mail or other marketing. Must be able to work 16 hours per week, with some of it being scheduled phone calls with prospects. Occasional after-hours phone calls (15 minutes typical) into condo board meetings. Compensation is a percentage of first-year collected revenue.

You should have experience with condominiums, commercial properties, and/or with selling a web-based service or software. Must be able to generate your own leads (typically condos in large cities). You should be capable of guiding a prospect from first contact through the sale, along with technical assistance of the Manager.

Although SpotShare is located in Atlanta, Georgia, you can work from anywhere in the U.S. Get in on the ground floor of this growing company!

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Future Positions

We expect to need other people in the future. For example:

Let us know if you would like us to keep you in mind.

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